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The objective of the EU-funded project „IDIAL for Professionals (IDIAL4P) – regionalized – intercultural – qualifying – professional” is to improve German language competence in Eastern Europe as well as competence in Russian and the less widely taught Eastern European languages Bulgarian, Polish, Slovenian and Hungarian in Germany. To achieve this aim modules to teach job-relevant communication skills in these languages are developed and distributed online, which, at the same time, shall serve as an example for the creation of further language teaching modules. The project responds to a rising demand in foreign language competence on the job, especially in Eastern Europe, and, to a smaller yet existing need for professional competencies in Eastern European languages in the German speaking countries.

The online-modules to develop for language teaching have been chosen according to concrete needs in business communication, informatics, tourism, handling of hazardous goods, politics and the press. They may be used in trainings on the job, further education as well as in classes at University and professional schools. Moreover, manuals to develop similar modules following the IDIAL4P methodology are made available on the project’s website.

As in the IDIAL project the focus in this new project lies on the combination of training in languages and intercultural skills since professional communication means intercultural exchange and understanding – a goal that is the ultimate objective of the European Union. 10 partners from 6 countries work together in this project: three from Germany, three from Bulgaria, one from Austria, one from Poland, one from Slovenia and one from Hungary.

Project duration: 01.01.2010 until 31.12.2011
Sponsor: European Union, Life Long Learning programme


This project has been funded by the European Commission. The publication  reflects the views only of its authors and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.


Ab dem 01.01.2012 finden Sie alle IDIAL4P-Module im IDIAL4P-Online-Center.